Battle Of RedCliffs VR

Use Various Weapons!

Use various weapons, including Swords, Spears, Hand Axes, Bows and Chukonus to take part in this epic battle.

Defeat the Powerful Enemies!

Face various enemy archetypes as well as bosses such as Zhang He, Xu Chu, Xiahou Dun (Cao Cao's side), Zhou Tai, Taishi Ci, and Zhou Yu (Sun Quan's side).

Enjoy Several Battle Modes!

Enjoy the Story Mode to experience the Battle of Red Cliffs, as well as other various Challenge Mode stages.

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Into the Story
of Red Cliffs!
Story Mode

Become one of the named generals
from either Sun Quan's or Cao Cao's Forces
to take part in the Battle of Red Cliffs
from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
There are weapons befitting each situation
during the progress forward.
Enjoy the experience of
using a variety of choices in weaponry.
At the end of each stage,
you will face a powerful enemy boss.

Accept and stand up
to various challenges
in the Challenge Mode!

Take the challenge to get the best scores
within limited time.
You will get higher scores
if you take out enemies consecutively without getting damaged.
Stick to the HINT for getting higher scores
at the beginning of each stage.
Compete for higher scores with your friends.


Options are available for the left-handed.
Various languages supported, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese,
and Korean.
VR sickness is minimized to encourage those
who are weak against motion sicknesses.

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